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A name they assumed in World War II was Christian Conventions Representing Assemblies of Christians Assuming this Name Only. Which means the conventions represent local groups (assemblies) of Christians who only take the name Christian.

Around 1942, this name was officially registered with the U.S. Selective Service System. Quoting from their letter to O. D. Hawkins: This Headquarters has issued a predetermination that Christian Conventions is a recognized church, religious sect, or a religious organization, within the meaning of Section 622.44 of the Selective Service Regulations. This predetermination was based upon information procured directly from officials of the church; namely George Walker (overseer), 2350 East Susquahanna Avenue, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and others. This necessity came out of the fact that the organization was not included by the Bureau of Census, United States Department of Commerce, in its publication, Religious Bodies-1936.

Some letters written by workers on Christian Convention stationery or letterhead may be viewed in the TTT Photo Gallery.