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In most free countries where there are members, the Annual Conventions are the highlight of their year. It is a time when they come together to share like precious faith. Convention is sometimes spoken of as days on earth as days in heaven. During the Convention, the property is revered as holy ground by some.

The property on which the annual Convention is held is called the Convention Grounds. In most cases the Convention Grounds are private property, situated on acreage or a farm. However, there are some convention properties owned by trusts which are under the control of the 2×2 church. Some countries hold conventions in rented buildings. For most conventions, there are separate sleeping quarters provided for men, women and women with babies. Some families bring tents, caravans or RV’s to sleep in; while others go to nearby motels.

The 2, 3 or 4-day conventions are usually held around the world from Spring to late Fall. There are generally three meetings a day, lasting approximately two hours each. Meals are served for all attendees at no charge.

The meetings include sermons, prayer, testimonies and singing. Workers speak in the meetings. Usually, there are some Workers visiting from other states or countries, as well as local Workers, who address the members. The floor is opened for testimonies of members in the morning and afternoon meetings. No questions or feedback is allowed. There is no communion service during North American conventions; however this differs in some countries, such as Australia.

Preparations, shortened to preps are made for the convention beginning 2-3 weeks beforehand. Workers in the state do most of the work with Friends helping out. During the year, sometimes there are special Work Days or “Bees” to work on special conv. projects.

There are over 100 convention sites in North America attended by 300 to 1,200 Friends and Workers annually.  Some Convention locations hold two conventions a week or two apart, due to the large number of Friends in the area; e.g. in USA: California, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, British Columbia, Minnesota; as well as Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Netherlands, Scotland, England, Madagascar, South Korea, etc.