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A professing member who believes that the method/way the Workers preach is God’s only true way on earth has received the vision, the revelation and has a good understanding.

Getting the Vision: When the convert views the Workers without a Home and the Meeting in the home as God’s only right Way on earth. When one has a clear vision and full understanding/revelation, he agrees with, submits and follows the Workers’ belief system.

Losing your Vision: Someone who leaves the 2×2 system or stops believing the Workers’ method is God’s Only Way on earth is viewed as having lost their vision.

All outsiders who do not follow the 2×2 belief system are considered lost, blind and wandering in in darkness.

Worker Quote: We believe this is the way of God. It’s a revelation to our own hearts. And we further believe there is salvation in no other way…many others all over the world have received that revelation from the God of Heaven that this is the true way of God and there is nothing else we could ever trust our salvation to. And that revelation came thru the foolishness of preaching (Lowell Stidolph Letter to Bob & Joan Daniel, June 29, 1990*).

Worker Quote: It was the revelation of Jesus when we saw and heard the gospel. It will be a revelation when Jesus comes revealed from heaven with his mighty angels. (II Thessalonians 2.8) When we get a revelation of Christ, then the wicked is revealed too. We can see the difference, can see the wrong in a false way, etc. A lot of people will never see it till Jesus comes from heaven and then it will be so clear and simple…and too late (Arnold Brown, York, NE, 1988).

Worker Quote: Abel received that all-powerful effect of God’s Holy Spirit — he got it very clearly. Some time later, Abel brought the firstlings of his flock and the fat thereof as a sacrifice. How marvelous God revealed it to him as He did to Peter and everyone since, this one Way that he embraced, this revelation of the one plan for God’s Salvation that was given through His Son from the foundation of the world (Bill Macourt, Wms Conv, 2003)

Worker Quote: They say, “What is the difference in THIS WAY of worshipping God and the world’s way? What is the difference between having a building put up to worship God in and you worshipping in the home? What is the difference in having a preacher who is paid to say what he does by some organization made by man, and you meeting together in the home as a family?” Well I will tell you the difference. One is God’s revealed Way and the other is a way made by man to suit his own selfish desires. That is the difference in the two (Eastern USA Overseer George Walker, Aug. 25, 1918).

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