Gospel, The

The Workers’ Gospel can be summarized in three points:
(1)  The Homeless, Two and/by Two Ministry
(2)  The Church in the Home
(3)  The 2×2 Ministry and Church are God’s Only True/Right Way on earth.

According to the Workers, Jesus came to the earth to establish the Two by Two ministry, to be a pattern and example of how believers should live; and to die to pay for the sins of mankind. His blood only covers those following in the Two by Two church. One must hear and accept the Gospel through a Worker to be saved.

A convert to their gospel must accept the belief that the Workers are God’s only true Ministers; that the Two by Two Church is God’s only true Church; that all other churches are False Churches; and all those (including other Christians) outside their church are sincerely wrong, and are bound for hell.

Worker Quote: There are five points in this Gospel: (1) Christ lived for me. (2) Christ died for me. (3) Christ rose that He might live His life over again in me. (4) Christ intercedes at God’s right hand for me. (5) One day He’s coming back for me. This is the Gospel in five short sentences. (Tharold Sylvester at Jack Carroll’s funeral, Oakland, CA, March 28, 1957)