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They refuse to take a public or official name except for situations where they are required to do so by the government. Currently, the names for their church most widely used among members are: “The Truth,” “The Way,” “The Fellowship” and The Fold of God.”

Early Workers used or were called by these names: Go-Preachers, Tramps, Tramp Preachers, Dippers, The Jesus Way, Pilgrims, Testimony of Jesus, God’s Testimony, Faith Missioners, White Mice and eponymns: Cooneyites, Irvineites, Gillites, Reidites, Carrollites, McClungites, Fraserites.

The name Testimony of Jesus was used by Workers and Friends in Great Britain and Australia during World War 1 to apply for military exemption status. Possibly derived from Revelation 19:10: And I fell at his feet to worship him. And he said unto me, See thou do it not: I am thy fellowservant, and of thy brethren that have the testimony of Jesus: worship God: for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.

Official names they have taken:
Christian Conventions Representing Assemblies of Christians Assuming This Name Only (America)
Assemblies of Christians
Christian Assemblies of Australia
Christian Assemblies of Victoria (Australia)
United Christian Conventions of Australasia and New Zealand
Christian Church in England (Copyright for Hymns Old & New)
Alberta Society of Christian Assemblies (Canada)
Christian Mission (Vietnam)
Christian Church of San Felipe (Baja, Mexico)
Christian Church of Paraguay or Friends in Paraguay
Primitive Christian Church of Peru
Christian (Hong Kong)

Other nicknames include: Two by Twos, 2x2s, The Secret Sect, Home Meetings, House Church, Black Stockings, Church without a Name, Church with No Name, No Name Church/Sect, No Secters, No Name Sect, The Workers, The Secret Sect, Faith Missioners, The Black Stockings, Black Socks, White Mice (Rathmolyon, Ire), Bluelights (Tasmania)…

European Names of Church:
Italy: Two-by-Twos (Due a due).
Les Anonymes (Anonymous); Les Sans-Nom (Without Name), Disciples du Christ (Disciples of Christ), Amis (Friends), Deux-à-Deux (Two by Twos).
German: Die Namenlosen, (The Nameless Ones); Der Jünger Jesu (Disciples of Jesus).
Sweden: Kristna I Sverige (Christians in Sweden).
Sri Lanka: The Fold

Latin America Church Names. Respecting the law, the Workers have registered names for their church with the various country governments that typically include the base words Christian Church (Iglesia Cristina). Each country’s name is unique, e.g. Christian Church of San Felipe (Chile), Christian Church of Paraguay, Primitive Christian Church of Peru, etc.