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2x2s claim they are not an organization and have no headquarters, no name, and no officers. Instead, they prefer to call themselves a worldwide family or a fellowship.

They do have a hierarchy. The members are subject to the ministry, the ministry is subject to Christ who is subject to God. The women in the church are subject to the men in the church and both are subject to the ministry. The women in the ministry are subject to the men in the ministry, and both are subject to Christ. The junior or younger workers are subject to the older senior workers, who are subject to the regional head workers, who are subject to the Top overseer.

The U.S. is divided into two fields, East and West and there are two Overseers, sometimes referred to as the “all in all” from 1 Cor. 12:6 – And there are diversities of operations, but it is the same God which worketh all in all. Other countries and groups of countries have Overseers also.

Worker Quote: There is a definite order to God’s plan and, when this is followed, you need no organization. According to God’s order, the church is subject to the bishop, the bishop is subject to the ministry, the ministry is subject to Christ, and Christ is subject to God. When that order is followed, you need no organization. (Howard Mooney, Portland, 1960)

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Worker Quote: We are not bound by any organization or worldly power, but by the love of God (Jack Carroll, Sidney, MB Canada, 1914).

Worker Quote: God’s people are held together without earthly headquarters. We can explain it this way, that there are sparrows in Ceylon, and where are there headquarters? Is it America, Russia? No. They are controlled and directed by a nature that God has given them. We are controlled by the nature of God (John Blair, Sri Lanka Conv., 1983).

Worker Quote: Salvation has always been the workmanship of God. Paul said, “Ye are His workmanship.” One of the basic differences between the true and false religion in the Bible is: in the false religion, they are talking about what they are doing for the Lord. That is always the mark of false religion. The true worshipers were speaking about what God had done for them. In this chapter, you read of people for whom God had done great things. One of the reasons the church existed without an organization is because it is God’s workmanship, and today it is still God’s workmanship.

When we tell people we have a world-wide fellowship and yet no organization, no registered name, no officers, no earthly headquarters, and yet we are held together as one compact, loving family, people say, “That’s impossible.” Jesus agreed with this, “With men it is impossible, but with God, all things are possible.” One of the reasons God planned an impossible fellowship is that men and women could see the hand of God in the picture. When you see this, there is no question that God is still living.

We often tell people that if we were an organization and had an earthly headquarters, we would have no proof to give to the world that there is a God or that God is with us. The proof of that statement is that the unions and the international business clubs function on that basis. If we had an organization and a registered name and a board of directors and an earthly headquarters, we would have no more proof than they have, that there is a God (Howard Mooney, Great Falls Sp. Mtg, 1970).