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Bitter is an adjective frequently used to describe those who leave meetings who may have experienced disappointment, dishonesty, anger, hurt, grief or resentment due to unfair treatment or perceived injustice which has not been made right.

Worker Quote: Chapter 12, verse 15 is something that has removed more people from the Kingdom of God than anything else. He spoke of the root of bitterness. And I would just like to say in passing, folks, that there is none of us in this tent but who would have had to struggle from time to time with a feeling of bitterness. It’s a common perplexity and one that baffles the Lord’s people from time to time. I know that I have fought it often. I know my tendency has always been when I got a little bitter over something to blame the other person… (Howard Mooney, Chelan WY, June 13, 1971)