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Higher education was strongly discouraged even up to the 1970’s, and 2x2s who attended anyway were looked down upon. They are totally against attending a Seminary.

1910: “It is not necessary for any of us to go to college to be able to walk in the way of Jesus or to teach that way. Jesus nor his followers never went to college. That is the way of the devil….The common uneducated people were always the good preachers.” (Edward Cooney and George Walker, Impartial Reporter and Farmers’ Journal, Sept 5,1909, July 21,1910.)

1910, George Walker “remembered that when he was being made a Methodist preacher a book on theology was put into his hands to study. He said he would have been in hell with other Methodist preachers if his eyes had not been opened to God’s true way. Did Jesus go to school to get educated, or college to become a preacher? The more education and more learning, the more darkness.” Impartial Reporter and Farmers’ Journal, July 14, 1910).