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Much stress is put on 2x2s to be different from the world and to not engage in “things of the world.” Their idea of being different is to look and be peculiarly odd and old fashioned; e.g. disdain worldly fads, fashions, TV, theater, alcohol, smoking, various entertainment, activities, etc.

The ideal professing woman’s appearance will be so different that it will leave no doubt in the mind of the viewer that she is “not of this world.” It is hoped she will be a “good example,” and that outsiders will notice her oddness and will want to know more about her 2×2 beliefs and to “have what she has.” 2×2 Women are their walking advertisements. The men look no different from any other respectable “worldly” man.

Worker Quote: “If you don’t look different from everyone else, you’re not a Christian (Eldon Tenniswood).

Worker Quote: The end toward which the Lord has always laboured is to make His people different. We are intended to be different in spirit, different in appearance, different in our manner of life. Exodus 33:16, this is what makes us a light in the world around us. Philippians 2:15, if we’re like the world, which is living in darkness, there would be no light. Our only hope of being a light is by being different. (2×2 Baptism Handout-New South Wales, Australia)

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