Healing and Miracles

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Healing, miracles, speaking in tongues, casting out demons are viewed as divine signs used only in the first century. Jesus performed the miracle of healing, etc. so people would realize who He was. Workers do not attempt to heal physical ailments. Some have stated that conventions are miracles.

Worker Quote: Yes, I believe God could heal today, but the reason God healed people in Jesus’ day was to prove that Jesus was the messiah. All the healings Peter and others did were to prove that Jesus was the Christ. God gave Moses the commandments, the Old Testament law, and everybody received it. Then Jesus came to fulfil the old and introduce the new. How were people going to believe? He performed those miracles so people would believe that Jesus was the Christ. (Eldon Tenniswood, California Young Peoples Mtg, 1982)

Worker Quote: I am absolutely convinced that the New Testament clearly teaches that it was not God’s purpose as the Gospel was preached to the Gentile world for these manifestations to continue and that we have no right to look for such today…The main purpose of the anointing of Jesus was to preach the Gospel and produce true spiritual results, not physical. It is important to keep this in mind. The purpose of the miracles wrought by Jesus was twofold: 1) to illustrate and teach spiritual truths; and 2) to convince the Jews that He was the One of Whom all the prophets had spoken, and to leave them absolutely without excuse for their unbelief and their rejection of Him as the Messiah (John 3:2; 7:31; 9:32; 10:37; 15:24). (Jack Carroll)

Worker Howard Mooney Sermon on Miracles: