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Generally, the majority of the 2x2s believe in God (who is the Father), His son Jesus and the Holy Spirit. They do NOT believe in or teach a TRIUNE GODHEAD, eternally existing in three persons as God the Father, God the Son (Jesus), and God the Holy Spirit, as viewed by most Christian faiths. They believe the God is the Father and Jesus is God’s son, similar to the relationship of an earthly Father and Son.

They do not believe God (the Father), Jesus and the Holy Spirit have the same attributes or perfections, nor that the three are co-identical in nature or co-equal in power and glory.

Worker Quote re Trinity: A church term regarding the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. And a great point of dissension. They simply are three and yet one, just as a man and his wife are two and yet one. Total unity, agreement. (Marilyn Wheeler, CA sister worker*)

Worker Quote: We read of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, three separate Beings. In the world there is a belief that this is one Being and it is spoken of as the Trinity. This is a manmade term and is wrong doctrine. A man named Constantine, in 300 AD introduced this idea to try to bring some unity in these already splintering groups. Col. 2:9 speaks of the Godhead. (Also Acts 17:29, Romans 1:20) ‘For in Him dwelleth all the fullness of the Godhead bodily.’ God did not die on the Cross, and the Spirit did not rise from the sepulcher; it was Jesus.

To understand it a little better, it is like the clock on that post. It has three separate hands working together, in perfect unity. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost have an Oneness that we can’t comprehend with the human mind. But they are three separate Beings. We can’t subtract one from the other. They all serve separately but maybe one day will be blended so perfectly. (Doug Morse, 2nd Pilerwa, Australia, 2011)

Worker Quote: some try to explain the Trinity-The Father, Son and Holy Ghost….No one can really, fully understand that, but we believe in those three and that they are one, but He is with God. He is God; He’s not man; He’s not an Angel; He’s God-kind. He’s like His Father; He’s the Son. Just like a natural boy is like his dad, but he’s not the dad, but he’s got those qualities. He’s God the Son; God the Father and God the Holy Ghost….He’s called the Word…but we don’t know what He was up there in eternity, except that He’s the expression of God, and when he became a man He’s still the Word; the expression of God, and He said, ‘If you have seen me, You have seen God,’ so His presence for a while wasn’t there in Heaven, that expression of God; that Word. (Leslie White, 1st Oak Lodge Conv, 2005)