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Their only published book is a hymnal titled Hymns Old and New. They also distribute among membbers printed internal lists of meetings, conventions, weekly Bible Study topics, letters, sermon notes of ministers/workers, and extracts from sermons (called gems) and letters

During the World Wars, their lack of published material caused men difficulties in proving they were associated with a sect with no name (New Zealand newspaper accounts), when attempting to obtain military exemptions for Workers and C.O. status for Friends.

Worker Quote: I am so thankful it [the Bible] is a complete message. We don’t need more than the Bible, we need more of the Bible. We don’t need any tracts, we don’t need any literature, all we need is the Bible for our guide…I am so thankful we are complete in Him (Harry Brownlee, Colorado, 2000).

Worker Quote: God is living in the person of His son amongst His people, and that they are being led and ‘guided into all truth,’ they don’t need some other source for teaching, they don’t need any other thing to turn to, they don’t need some books. They don’t need any kind of literature, but the Holy Spirit is teaching them and leading them and guiding them into all Truth. (Overseer Irving Ross, Ohio & West Virginia, 1997).

Worker Quote: We do not know of any scriptural authority for doing so [printing tracts or books of out interpretation of the Bible] and our experience of the work of those who use these methods does not encourage us to believe that such is the best method of getting the work of God done in people’s hearts. The Lord’s plan was to send preachers to live Christ and preach Christ so that people before they make their choice in the Gospel may see it lived in the lives of the messengers. We believe this is best. (Willie Hughes, April 23, 1931 Letter, Gawler, Australia)