Hirelings are any preachers who receive salaries or take up collections and 2x2s believe this is the meaning of John 10:12-13. Hireling preachers are viewed as false preachers or false prophets. See also False Churches

Worker Quote: Satan devised a one-man ministry, a ministry limited to one man hired to deliver God’s message. This was never in God’s plan. God’s plan is for His people to gather together—not listen to a hireling preacher but to listen to one another and let God speak to His people through His people. (Jack Carroll, Mellowdale Conv. 1946*)

Worker Quote: There were no hireling shepherds in the Fold of God in Jesus’ day. In fact this question of hire, pay, or salary could never enter into the mind or heart of any true under shepherd in the Fold of God. There were no hireling preachers then. There are no hireling preachers now in this Fold of God. As I have said, there are fifty at least under shepherds in this meeting this morning, and the question of pay or hire or earthly reward for their labours in shepherding never has, and never can, enter into their minds…(Jack Carroll, 1947)

Worker Quote: This ministry is a ministry of sacrifice. There could be no New Testament ministry apart from sacrifice. That is the reason there is no such thing in the New Testament as a hireling preacher. There is no such thing as a preacher being hired out for a certain sum, or begging for money, or lifting collections in the name of Jesus. True preachers would rather die in their tracks than leave it open for any man to suggest they were mercenary in their motives of their ministry. (Jack Carroll, Bakersfield, CA, 1946).