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Outsiders, Unsaved, Unbelievers, Worldly Person are terms applied to those who are not professing members of the 2×2 church. The Unsaved includes those who fail to accept and follow in the Workers’ Way and all those who have left the 2×2 church; e.g. The daughter was a worldly girl. All those outside their group, including other Christians, are unsaved and will not go to heaven.

The Scripture tells us that it is the attitude towards the Truth that a person has that will determine whether or not God lets them into the gates or not. It is your attitude. If you are sitting in this meeting as an unsaved person, that is so very important. If you are willing to believe the Truth and honour it, God will throw the gates of His city open to you. But if you aren’t willing to obey the Truth, and if you have no desire for it and no love for it, God will send you a strong delusion that will take you a million miles away from it (Howard Mooney).

Worker Quote: If it’s possible for outsiders to have fellowship with you, there is something wrong (Bill Carroll, Los Gatos, Calif, 1939).

Worker Quote: One brother here was telling this week of some of his unsaved friends; that when he began to walk in God’s TRUE WAY did not like it (George Walker, Aug. 25, 1918)