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Sometimes they claim they have no rules. However there are many verbal unwritten rules that have been passed down for generations that are expected to be followed. Many comply with the rules they observe others following, due to peer pressure. It is somewhat expected that female members appear outwardly as peculiar people. Some –more–>

Worker Quote: Sometimes people attend gospel meetings for the first time and they ask us the question: ‘Do you have any laws?’ I have said: ‘No, we don’t because God’s people are guided by the Holy Spirit and when this is so there is no need of laws. But there are laws in the Kingdom of Heaven that govern us. May thy law of loving kindness in our hearts have full control.’ (Harold Bennett)

Worker Quote: If you and I repent and we know this change from within, we are going to be made one, to be united. There are no laws, no regulations, but the control of God’s spirit, the imparting of this new life brings a change into their lives, into their homes, into their hearts. We see men and women beginning to put things out of their homes that should not be in their homes. They see that those things are not going to help them in their relationship with God. Who tells them to do this? This is a miracle fellowship because it is guided by the hand of God, and the product of this fellowship, of this Gospel, is the same today in every land… (Rex Smith)

Worker Quote: Romans 14. A marvelous chapter! It deals with the “gray-area” not explicitly covered. We find here at least Seven “Guidelines” to help us make this personal decision. We are not under Law but Grace! Liberty is not license! No hard and fast rules can be made for Eat and Drink, Wear and Work and how to spend the Lord’s Day, or proper Recreation! Some are strong and some are weak. Yet everyone must reach a position of settled conviction: Verse 5, “Let every man be fully persuaded in his own mind!” This chapter helps us to come to this place, “Fully persuaded” Read more at: (Donald Karnes)