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They believe their method of ministry and fellowship/church is God’s Only True Way, their preachers are God’s Only True Preachers and the members are the only true Followers of God on earth. Conversely, they believe all other pastors, preachers, missionaries, churches and denominations are false.

Worker Quote: Apart from a true ministry, there could be no true church.(Jack Carroll)

Worker Quote: In the winter of 1911/12 as a late teenager, Archie (Turner) listened to two sisters workers, Sarah Skerritt and Ada Thomson, preaching the Gospel, and he soon came to the conclusion that this is the true way of God. He also settled it in his mind, that if this is the true way of God, which it is, then all the others ways must be false (Horrace Todhunter at Archie Turner’s Funeral March 29, 1977 at Cambusbarron, Scotland*).

Worker Quote: I was wondering if in the short time we have together here it would be possible to point out the difference between God’s TRUE WAY of service and the FALSE WAY that the Devil and men have always followed from the beginning of Genesis to the end of Revelation. (Overseer Eastern USA, George Walker, Aug. 25, 1918)

Worker Quote: Can anyone of you tell me what chapter in the gospels most clearly describes the characteristics of a FALSE PREACHER? One that does not walk in God’s TRUE WAY yet preaches? (Matthew 23) Can you tell a chapter in the gospels that describes a TRUE PREACHER? The 10th chapter of Matthew; 10th Chapter of Luke and the 10th chapter of John….A TRUE PREACHER of the Gospel is one who goes out walking in that lonely way, willing to be nothing, willing to be misunderstood, having no place in the world, glad to live their lives as Jesus did, glad to make their lives of no account down here, with the sure and certain hope in their hearts that they will receive the reward on that great day.

If I lose my life now, I will preserve it unto Life Eternal and get the reward in Heaven…the [true and false] preachers are far apart. The one [false] seeks for honor and recognition in this world and some do it very honestly and sincerely perhaps; and sincerely as Saul of Tarsus did. They think that is the way to do God’s work. They are filling a high place and getting honor and recognition in this world at the expense of God and people think that is the way to get to Heaven today. The other [true] preacher takes Jesus as his pattern! I want to be in this world like my Master was. I don’t want to own a home as the clergy does. I don’t want any of this world’s goods, I only want to live my life like Jesus did and suffer for Him (Overseer Eastern USA, George Walker, Aug. 25, 1918).

Worker Quote: How could any preacher obey the great commission to go into all the world if he had a home, or business, or farm of his own? No man could accept or obey that commission unless he was willing to obey the conditions Jesus laid down, and literally and actually fulfill all of them. The first disciples going into the uttermost parts of the earth were not worried about home, or property, or business. They were free to proclaim God’s message, proving what He promised to be eternal truth in their own experience – “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.” That is God’s Way (Jack Carroll, Bakersfield, 1926).